In the garden the children can witness and observe nature and its seasonal changes whilst comprehending the interdependence of living things.


We encourage the children to deeply immerse themselves in nature by touching the leaves and tree trunks, digging in the dirt and mulch and building with fallen sticks and found stones. The simple act of walking, stepping and dancing on natural, uneven surfaces is a profound lesson in itself, as is the pure joy of running on the grass, hiding behind trees and playing shop in the wooden cubby. The garden is abound with opportunities for fun; old laundry tubs and an enamel bath sits next to logs, tree stumps, wooden wheels and a climbing frame, hence the children run, jump, climb, hide, crawl and skip their way around.


Whilst free, undirected play is encouraged there are also a variety of objects and materials in the garden that serve multiple educational purposes; such as the ongoing vegetable garden and compost which are always evolving, helping the children understand the cyclical nature of food. Rosie and Posie, our pet rabbits, along with the vegie garden and compost instill in the children a sense of responsibility and care which we hope they take with them into their local community and the wider world.