The Atelier is a vital contribution to Bambini House; a dedicated area for creative expression...a beautiful learning laboratory.


Atelier is a French word, translated in English as a “working space”. Children in small groups of 3-4 explore, discover and are involved in the atelier, creating pedagogical projects inspired by their individual and collective interests. They converse, connect and create using a variety of languages; visual arts, body movement, manipulation, mathematical compositions, music and everyday chatter.


Like the rest of the house, the Atelier is truly beautiful; a feast for the senses that encourages any one, of any age, to sit down and create. Every piece of furniture in the room has been found, gathered and then placed with intention, hence the space is bespoke; unique and personalised. If you didn’t know, you would think it was a gallery; such is the perfect curation of the furniture, supplies and light fittings.


In the Atelier every little detail is wondrous and inspiring - dried blooms sit in glass jars and vases, ivy trails up the wall, palm fronds extend from the floor and the table is set with charcoal, pastels and rich, colourful pencils. On the easels, dried leek leaves are clipped, ready to be painted and towards the back of the room a plethora of baskets are filled with small, intricate findings; tiles, pods, sticks and beads. Each child creates in the atelier but also work in a group; researching, listening and collaborating.


The key role of the Atelier is to empower the child to feel comfortable and confident in sharing their encounters, learnings and theories with their classmates, teachers and family; therefore connecting their experiences with his or her wider world.