Documenting the daily rhythms of the children is an important part of our curriculum at Bambini House. This detailed form of recording is called Pedagogical Documentation; we like to capture a verbal and visual trace of the children’s experiences, explorations and work, hence we are actively involved in what the children are thinking, doing and verbalising.


Instead of simply photographing the major milestones in their learning journey, we focus on the everyday moments that would otherwise go unnoticed; the colours they choose to paint with, the way they use their hands to build and construct, their exploration of texture as they gather nature’s ephemera, their conversations and relationships and the way they develop their identity within their peer group.


This all inclusive and transparent form of documentation is the essence of our philosophy.  It is a narrative of experiences that encourages us to observe and analyse the children as they engage in activity so we can then reflect on the way we are teaching and guiding them. The photos and text come together to create a thorough and detailed story of each child’s experience at Bambini House; a beautiful way to foster a sense of involvement with families and, of course, a treasured keepsake.