Bambini has been such a wonderful partner in parenting and educating our children in the past 6 years. It’s philosophy, real passion in early education, caring and loving environment made it so unique and offered so much more to our family than what we experienced with the others. I still recall my older child has loved Bambini from day 1 and amazingly no tear at the drop off since. Now six years later, our younger child is also well prepared for school after 3 wonderful years full of memory at Bambini. The special atelier filled with wonders, the fun of playing in the garden and the all time favourite mud pool, the yummy healthy food made in-house and the excursion adventure to explore the nature in a bigger world… As parents, their little happy faces and the pride of their achievements from the learnings day by day tell us all. We feel so blessed to be part of the Bambini community and can’t thank enough to all the amazing educators for their dedication and hard work. We will recommend Bambini House to all young families who are looking for good care for their loved little ones.


    Bianca & Kurt (2016 & 2021)

We have had the pleasure of being part of the Bambini Family for the past 4 years where both my boys have flourished during their time there. My boys are not perfect (and probably never will be), but Bambini has really helped them develop the fundamentals of self-respect as well as the respect for others including embracing each others' differences. Bambini played a pivotal part not just in the lives of our children but in all of us as a family as they contributed in shaping our boys' growths during their preschooler years. All of the educators display genuine interest and have spent time getting to know our family as well as sharing the celebrations and events in everyone’s lives at Bambini big and small. We are honoured to have been part of the Bambini family and will miss everyone immensely as we embark on the next chapter of our lives. But the Bambini sparkle lives on within us.


Lots of love, The Khoo Family (2018 & 2021)

We were looking for a Child Care Centre that was more than a ‘child minding’ centre.

We were fortunate in that we had heard from friends about “Bambini House” and enrolled our daughter with the hope that we could start her at Bambini when she was two. Our daughter did get a place and she has never looked back. She loves going to Bambini and constantly talks about her little friends and the wonderful teachers and the varied and enjoyable activities that she and the other ‘Bambini’s’ actively participate in. Our daughter has flourished in the Bambini environment. She commenced at Bambini House as a little girl and she has developed into a delightful and accomplished young lady.


We are very satisfied with the Bambini philosophy, the awesome experience and genuine kindness and caring of the teacher group and we will be sending our son to Bambini House when he is eligible.


Thanking you all

Suzie and John Sarna (2021)

Our daughter has now been at Bambini House for the past 2 years. I cannot speak highly enough about the care and learning experiences she has received in this time. The educators are so wonderful and caring, they really put our daughter’s best interests at heart. Their care really shows in all their day to day interactions with the children, as well as the parents. 

Our daughter has really thrived since being at Bambini House. Each week we see her apply her knowledge and skills learnt at Bambini to her day to day interactions outside of the centre. 

The centre is well run, organised and the space is also very well looked after. The educators always make an effort to change the activities in the room to keep the kids engaged. The outdoor play area is also beautiful and it’s always been so lovely to see the kids happily running around in the afternoon.

We are so grateful our daughter has had the chance to spend these last few years at Bambini House!

Belinda and John Prince (2021)